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What to do if your vehicle was impounded?

Call your local police department to see if it was impounded or call the number on the parking sign where your vehicle was parked.

What documents do I need to bring to get my vehicle back?

To recovery a vehicle you will need to have a valid Drivers License and any 2 of the following: 

Car Keys

Vehicle insurance

 VIN number.

Vehicle Registration or Title 

Address where the impound originated

How soon can I get my vehicle back?

As soon as you contact us, make an appointment, present all the proper documents and pay the fees.

What will it cost me to get my vehicle back?

Fees are set by Colorado PUC, see fee schedule below:

Tow Hook Fee: $180.00

Storage Fee: $30.00 every 24hrs (storage charges begin when vehicle enters our storage Facility)

Miles Fee: $3.80 per mile (Changes every month)

After Hours Fee: $66.00 (If applicable)

IDS Fee: $150.00 (charged after 48hrs if vehicle is still in our storage facility)

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, visa and master card. Proper ID is required when paying with a card and exact cash when paying cash.


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