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Does your property struggle with unregistered, abandoned and illegally parked vehicles?

❓How can I keep unwanted cars from parking in my lot?

❓How can I keep my parking lot organized?

❓How can I keep nonresidents from parking in residents spots?

❓How can we stop unauthorized people from parking in reserved spaces?”

When unauthorized, illegally parked or abandoned vehicles park in your property… You can call us, text us or simply use our App to notify us and we will remove them promptly, professionally and legally for you. As a small family owned towing company we are able to deliver fast and quality private property towing service. Colorado Auto Recovery prides itself on quality service for both property and vehicle owners. With our go above and beyond approach , we are firmly committed to earning your business. With quick response times, professional courteous staff members and up to date technology we are sure to meet your business needs. Our purpose is to change the private parking towing industry in a positive way which would enable us to help both property managers as well as vehicle owners.


Do your services fit my property's needs?

We believe we have all the right services to fit your needs, from simple to custom set ups that will work for your property.

What do you offer that others don't?

We offer special services to residents as well as employees that will ensure you we go above and beyond for our clients. Call us or email us for details.

Does this service cost me anything?

Our service is free of charge to the property. The vehicle owner is responsible for the charges incurred for the towing of their vehicle.

Simply give us a call at 720-400-9995or email us at [email protected]



For properties using a parking permit system we have added an extra feature. With the classic permit tenants have to make sure the permit is visible at all times. It's a good option unless the permit falls off, is removed by mistake or it simple snows which can make the permit impossible to spot. For that reason we have added an Electronic Parking permit which eliminates mistakes, misunderstandings and possible headaches for both managers and vehicle owners.

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Parking violations like expired tags, flat tires, no plates or inoperable vehicles to name a few make a property undesirable to future tenants. Some Property managers choose to have those cars relocated ASAP and others want to give notice to those vehicle owners prior to having the vehicle moved. For those properties we place warning tags on those vehicles which helps both management and vehicle owners.

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At Colorado Auto Recovery we make sure all vehicles are digitally photographed before towing. The pictures are taken from different angles showing the violation. The date and time is automatically imprinted on the photo. All pictures are saved on a database for future reference. We then fill out an electronic tow ticket with all the information for the property managers to ensure they are aware of each tow as it happens.

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Our trucks are equipped with a GPS system that allows us to track every move our truck makes. As the property manager you receive patrol reports from us  with detailed information. We make sure you are at ease knowing your parking lots are just as important to us as they are to you. 

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